Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google's Mayday update - thoughts from Matt Cutt and some basic inferences

After a week of no show I am back! The terrible heat took a toll on me at last, but I managed to sail through.
The last week was boring, but Monday came in with some interesting stuff.
Matt Cutt- Google's Head of Engineering and one of the prominent spokesperson for Google commented on 28th May, 2010 about the Mayday change and its impact on search.

In the video, Matt clearly says that the change is permanent and is a part of the constant tweaking from Google's end.
Now, with the SEO professionals already strained for bandwidth and always fighting for good programming/.dev resources, this change has made SEO's work more painful.
If we go by observation, long tail traffic contribute to about 40% of a SEO's traffic contribution.
As of now, the only way out seems to be a complete content revamp. A headache for SEOs who manage huge websites (especially e-commerce driven websites). This has to be accompanied with intelligent tagging and even layout modifications (to make the content look contextual).
I wait to see how people like us achieve the feat.

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