Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google wave- No buzz?

Google wave was one of the properties that Google launched with a lot of fanfare. I still remember blogs and forums ranting the fact that wave will change the way we communicate on the web.
There was a real fight to get invites and people literally "queued" up to get an invite. Social media streams such as facebook and twitter were plastered with updates like"Yay, I finally got the google wave invite" and so on....
Today, Google officially opened up wave for all users. But, the question still remains..."Is Google Wave worth the additional trouble?"
The not so savvy internet users find Google wave another pain.
With almost no updates ever since I got the invite and the horrid user experience, its almost certain that Google is going to put wave in the backburner.
Now the question is...Is Google really capable of reviving a product to deliver what people expected out of it?
Lets wait and watch :-)

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