Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too bored to write

I am an avid reader, but too lazy to write. I rather give people advice than write long posts.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Types of search explained.

I had a few stabs at search psychology and I collated a presentation where I put excerpts from various sources.
Here is the presentation from you:
Types of Searches- An Insight

Monday, May 31, 2010

Why facebook is drawing so much negative attention?

Facebook seems to have gone too far with its "social" image. After it rolled out the much hyped "like" button for 3rd party websites, it started feeling the heat.
The 1st hit was the concerns over open graph- which enabled 3rd parties to have access to user information. People became very picky about this and this lead to people deleting their facebook accounts.
To add to that Pakistan, Bangladesh banned facebook. Some other conservative countries also added themselves to the list.
So, what do you think about the situation. Are people justified in their actions or not?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google's Mayday update - thoughts from Matt Cutt and some basic inferences

After a week of no show I am back! The terrible heat took a toll on me at last, but I managed to sail through.
The last week was boring, but Monday came in with some interesting stuff.
Matt Cutt- Google's Head of Engineering and one of the prominent spokesperson for Google commented on 28th May, 2010 about the Mayday change and its impact on search.

In the video, Matt clearly says that the change is permanent and is a part of the constant tweaking from Google's end.
Now, with the SEO professionals already strained for bandwidth and always fighting for good programming/.dev resources, this change has made SEO's work more painful.
If we go by observation, long tail traffic contribute to about 40% of a SEO's traffic contribution.
As of now, the only way out seems to be a complete content revamp. A headache for SEOs who manage huge websites (especially e-commerce driven websites). This has to be accompanied with intelligent tagging and even layout modifications (to make the content look contextual).
I wait to see how people like us achieve the feat.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Google's redesign- SEO's loss or gain?

The Mayday update on Google's UI and SERPs have been a hot topic on SEO and webmaster forums. Google update rocked a few ships and people started seeing lesser search referrals, lower rankings and lesser organic traffic.
I initiated a small experiment after reading the discussions and I found that some of the fears were indeed true. People are seeing more real time and contextual results on the SERPs and that has made the organic rankings look bad.
The primary targets of such a hit are the people who claim they are local, but are not really local. Example: If you are a hotel booking agent and you have traffic from people who are searching for a particular hotel in a particular place. Before the update, the SEOs made it possible that the website appeared somewhere within the top 10 of the organic listings and that made people click on the URL and eventually buy from the website.
With the new design, Google Maps, real time updates are being amalgamated with the SERPs. As a result, the organic listing has been pushed below the fold. If people are seeing the location and the URL of the hotel in the 1st fold itself, they are clicking more on the hotel entry on the Google Map rather than the URL below it.
What does it mean for SEOs?
SEOs already have social media, search, on page, off page activities to do. This change has compelled SEOs to ensure they are on Google places as well. Here they have little to pitch, lesser to do but deal with much more competition. So, SEOs work has become more challenging and interesting.Prior to the update, Google places was deemed to be "optional". Now, for businesses like the one specified in the example, its imperative that they do Google places.
The Upside of all this?
Well, more work means more opportunity. SEO work has become tougher, that means SEOs have the opportunity to act pricey :-)

A pie chart on SEO Round table was really interesting. Pasting it here. The post was good and was very interesting.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google wave- No buzz?

Google wave was one of the properties that Google launched with a lot of fanfare. I still remember blogs and forums ranting the fact that wave will change the way we communicate on the web.
There was a real fight to get invites and people literally "queued" up to get an invite. Social media streams such as facebook and twitter were plastered with updates like"Yay, I finally got the google wave invite" and so on....
Today, Google officially opened up wave for all users. But, the question still remains..."Is Google Wave worth the additional trouble?"
The not so savvy internet users find Google wave another pain.
With almost no updates ever since I got the invite and the horrid user experience, its almost certain that Google is going to put wave in the backburner.
Now the question is...Is Google really capable of reviving a product to deliver what people expected out of it?
Lets wait and watch :-)